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For Repairs, Service, Maintenance, Customisation and Valets on Sprite, Gypsey and Jurgens caravans and trailers. We do custom kitchens on most models caravans. General fitments of upgrades such as air-conditioners, new fridge installations, stabilisers and movers on caravans. Fitment on offroad trailers of electrical systems, tents, sliders, kitchens, etc.



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  • Kitchen Modification
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Why Choose us

Best Offers


Quality Parts



If your caravan is damaged and you have insurance to cover the costs, our experienced team will repair your caravan as good as new!



Repairing your caravan can be expensive. Let our experienced team make sure the job is done correctly, the first time.



There are loads of modifications that you can do to your caravan. Let our experienced team do it for you and to the specifications the way you want it.  if you have an example of how you want it done, we can do it for you.



We at Caravan Man will provide you with the best possible quality parts for your caravan or off-road trailer. Some quality parts takes time to find and we want to make sure that you have a safe journey to your next holiday destination.


Quality parts is mostly expensive and we will contact you to get approval on the parts before we finish the service on your caravan or off-road trailer.


Quality is the best policy for you as a customer as your caravan or off-road trailer is your second home from home and you do not want to be left along side the road to your holiday destination, if something on your caravan or off-road trailer breaks.


Be Quality Part sure!